Posted on Aug 5, 2020

Gravity Oxygen & Permanent Makeup

❤️ What is a “Patch Test” & why we do them...
Senerio: Client desires beautiful full brows (hers are thinning) but she is concerned of possible reaction with allergies &/ or health conditions.
⭐️ A “Patch Test” is done (pigment is implanted) on a small area behind the ear to test for any inflammatory &/or other response. We wait an appropriate period of time (up to 2-4 weeks) to ensure no negative response(s) before proceeding with a full procedure.
❤️ We love our clients! Let us put you at ease. You & your safety is our #1 priority. If you feel a Patch Test is right for you, please contact us to schedule.
💫 We only use the highest grade pigments that are quality tested & can provide MSDS documentation.

Gravity Oxygen & Permanent Makeup
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